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What Readers Say

           About Forbidden: The Alchemy of Erotic Love

        "Awesome read. It educates the mind and makes you think from different perspectives to embody the    wholesomeness of love and sex: stimulation as a whole. A must read for so many to open one’s eyes."

~Angelique Houston, Equestrian, Artist.

"Author Art Noble's new book, "The Alchemy of Erotic Love…For Guys," is a tour de force. What Noble has managed to do is take the complicated web of love and relationships and, like a master mechanic, turn it into language that makes it easily accessible to the everyday, average man. With an impressive breadth of knowledge in genetics, biology, physiology, alchemy, psychology, history, and archetypes, Noble does a noble thing…he distills those many disciplines down and helps the reader understand what happens to the body when love is what's happening in the heart. As a woman reader, what was most

 meaningful to me, was the uncompromising way that Noble honors women; repeatedly reminding his male readers that women are mysterious creatures worthy of exploration. He expertly guides and inspires his targeted audience, men, to be worthy of the exploration…to bring the ineffable "love" into their relationships, to enhance their enjoyment of sexuality by opening their hearts, and invites the reader to believe in a transcendence that only love and sexuality combined can create. This is a missing piece in the sexuality/relationships literature, and it took an engineer to do it! If ever there was a user's manual for men to help them navigate the oftentimes confounding terrain of love, sexuality, and relationships, this is it!"

~ Tina Benson, MA, Transpersonal/Jungian–oriented coach and author of A Woman Unto Herself: A Different Kind of Love Story

“What a monumental undertaking!”

~ Dr. Franceen King, author of Waking Into "The Big O": A New Look at Sleep-Related Female Orgasms

“The Alchemy of Erotic Love is an amazing look at sex and erotic love from every angle—biologic, metaphysical, energetic, historic, esoteric, you name it—but always through the lens of intelligence and heart. It would be hard to find a more expansive view of sexuality. Noble’s style is warm, wise, and personal. His dedication to making the world a better place through better approaches to erotic love radiates from every page.”

~ Dr. Jenny Wade, author of Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil

"It is the most comprehensive and objective unearthing of the essence of erotic love I have ever read. There are lots of books and articles about parts of what you have written about, but no ‘geography’ of the whole domain. I am amazed at how you have charted the four corners, like an explorer who is told, “It’s all known.” You have gone on regardless in a topic that we all think we know so much about, and is after all a part of our nature. And yet you pursued; at each port you delved deeply."

~ Kashmir Birk ~ Student of Tantra with his wife of 23 years.

The one thing your book does is to let me know that I want to read it again. Lots of good science in there.

~ Ann Diaz


"Art, thank you so very much. I began reading by surveying the Table of Contents of this over three hundred page book/ manuscript. My initial impression is one of an extremely informative and almost encyclopedic writing regarding this complex topic of which your knowledge base is exemplary. I'm looking forward to reading your work over the next few months. Thank you for allowing me this wonderful opportunity. Best, Paul Gotkin, DPM"


About The Sacred Female

     Art Noble is that rare male who intuited the precious qualities of a woman and followed his quest to find perfect bliss in union. The Sacred Female appears to have sprung directly from his spiritual loins, from his innate comprehension that his own divine male energy would be infinitely enhanced by honoring the radiant goddess in his mate. Brimming with knowledge and wisdom, The Sacred Female is tinged with the wonder and innocence of a fun-loving child exploring the primal roots of being. Most certainly it is a book all men and women should savor in order to plumb their own ability to transcend conventional gender roles, and to find that perfect union within and without. Every woman should be lucky enough to find her very own Richard! Bravo, Art! 

Mira Prabhu


      I am utterly speechless. I am finally done with the book. I laughed. I cried. I felt warm and fuzzy. And so alone. I have so much to say. But for now I am too overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Sacred female was the best book I have ever read. Simply amazing! I have so many questions. So many things I want to share. I know I am not alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



      I picked it up and read just a few pages at a time, then I got a quiet evening alone and I finished the second half in one night I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters, I enjoyed the story and the way they evolved. ( I found myself dreaming of a Richard of my own.) I was surprised when I started reading it, I mistakenly thought it was going to be a steamy sex book. I have read a lot of erotica, Cherise Sinclair being one of my favorite erotica writers, but your book was not just sex, it was so much deeper than that and I enjoyed that very much. I think every man should read your book, and every woman.



      This interesting novel explores the sacred realms of female sexuality and divinity through a couple's synchronicity in their developing relation and discovery. Written in modern day setting and tongue- Had a feel much like The Celestine Prophecy, merged with The Secret, and The Law of Attraction, and the ancient books of Tantra. Art takes you through this so-called fictional story to convey true ancient secrets and realms of wonder hidden within the sacred female.

Leila Fortier, Onna, Okinawa


      The Sacred Female will have you gripped from beginning to end. Noble paints a lovely picture of erotic and lustful and comfortable passion that every couple craves and strives for."

Christi Liepitz,
Social Services, Carbondale, IL

      "It amazes me how much knowledge a man could possess about the female anatomy. This book is so sexual yet so romantic at the same time. Covers all avenues of erotic writing."

Audrey Michelle,
Poet and Spoken Word Artist, Tampa, FL

      "I have experienced the 'glow' you talk about in your book. For a woman who is in touch with herself, her body, her heart, her mind and her spirit, she could never settle for anything less than what you describe. I want you to know that your book is a gift to the World."

Dianne Niven,
Finance Representative, Invercargill, NZ

      "Guys, you want to have your very own multi-orgasm, please HER. Trust me. And yes, they really do glow."

Xavier Francis K.
New York, NY
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