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Transformation via The Sacred Female

Jensen Beach, FL, 23 June 2011. In The Sacred Female, Art Noble smashes through the literary Rubicon by describing and discussing “forbidden” sexual responses such as female ejaculation and transcendence. “Our sex lives are conditioned by myth and mis-information. It’s time for a change. Sexual love is not the only way to experience this growth in consciousness, but it beats th’ heck out of sitting cross-legged on a mountain top for 15 years.”

Art Noble said about his novel, The Sacred Female, “Not only is the book a good read as a romantic mystery, but also it has an important message.” Then he asks, “Why is it so many tell us to “get centered,” then take a cookie cutter to our genitalia in the center of our body? Why are we are told to “seek transformation,” without being shown the oldest path known to man: sexual love?”

The Sacred Female is a story of how a man’s intuition is awakened by sexual love. “Our culture focuses on sex as pleasure, which is simultaneously condemned by Victorian prudery. This novel focuses on the growth of consciousness through sexual love, where pleasure is a by-product: generally in excess of the ‘normal pleasure’ in sexual congress.

In Napoleon Hill’s 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich, he told us of this growth in his chapter, The Mystery of Sex. In The Sacred Female, Noble shows us how this occurs in the character of Richard, of all things, an engineer. “If it can happen for an engineer, it can happen for anyone.”

Noble is working on a non-fiction book, The Alchemy of (Sexual) Love… for Guys, or Genius! or Men Awaken! where, with the help of Dr. Beverly Whipple, he combines modern sexual science and ancient sexual history to speculate on how this growth might occur at the genetic level. Links to blogs from this new work are on his website, www.thesacredfemale.com.

Contact: info@thesacredfemale.com

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